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Urban School outsourcing services India is an Outsourcing services and solutions provider from India. We provide the solutions to the problems related to the Complex calculations, Simulations in various softwares like matlab, LabView, Origin etc., Software development for individual / small organization requirement, College project work, Graphical and analytical solutions of research problems

Our expertise: We have various departments operating individually focusing on each of the specialized areas namely Web Design and Development, Outsource Software Development, Web Application Development, Outsource Back Office Support Services, Virtual Assistant Services, Outsource Search Engine Marketing. Each outsource department has individual project managers to handle each tasks individually, closely coordinating with clients on a regular basis via phone, email or virtual chat. Video conferencing is put in place wherever required by our clients who outsource to India.

Your Benefits: Our Solutions are cost effective, stylish and customer friendly. Our well developed infrastructure is there to serve your needs at the right place and right time. ”Delivery on Time” is the soul motto of Urban School outsourcing services India. We endeavor customer satisfaction to the core on all outsourcing activities.

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